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Wrong Movie

This thread has 50 posts and 466 views.

Moderator michaella92  at 30 Nov 2017, 03:46

Last 2 correct - thank you very much :)
MoviePics1001  at 6 Dec 2017, 17:26

Moderator michaella92  at 6 Dec 2017, 17:32

Corrected - Thank you
MoviePics1001  at 13 Dec 2017, 17:03

The following images are from Pulgarcito (1958). Please update:








MoviePics1001  at 19 Dec 2017, 01:35

In addition to the last post, the following PHOTO is from Bambi II (2006).
MoviePics1001  at 21 Dec 2017, 18:46

Just following up on the last few.
MoviePics1001  at 5 Jan 2018, 14:34

Following up on the last few...
Moderator Yaut  at 5 Jan 2018, 19:46

Bambi moved

I don't understand, why prev 7 Lobby cards from Pulgarcito (1958).  ?? In each image are title

MoviePics1001  at 16 Jan 2018, 16:00

Yaut, have you seen either of these movies?

Tom Thumb is the English title for Pulgarcito (1958). Those lobby cards are from that movie, NOT the Tom Thumb starring Russ Tamblyn. Please correct as they are currently wrong.

MoviePics1001  at 16 Jan 2018, 16:02

Also, there's now something wrong with the Bambi II page. Error message says:

Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found.

Moderator Yaut  at 16 Jan 2018, 17:48

No, I haven't seen these movies. Lobby cards moved to Pulgarcito (1958)

about Bambi - now I can open page:

MoviePics1001  at 20 Mar 2018, 17:12

Bambi II is still coming up with the same error and says there are zero images on that page when you do a search for 'bambi'. Please double check.

Separately, THIS IMAGE is from To Have and Have Not not Key Largo. Please update.

Moderator Yaut  at 20 Mar 2018, 18:03

in my account:

coincides ?

MoviePics1001  at 27 Mar 2018, 23:28

Try clicking the link in my last post. It still comes up with the same error.
MoviePics1001  at 27 Mar 2018, 23:36

MoviePics1001  at 27 Mar 2018, 23:40

MoviePics1001  at 28 Mar 2018, 17:00

While you continue to look into the Bambi II error, this image is from Anna Karenina not Camille. Please move it over.

Also, the following 4 images are from The Mummy not The Mummy Returns:





Please move those over as well. Thanks.

Moderator Yaut  at 28 Mar 2018, 22:09

All images moved

Yes, I also see 0 pictures

Maybe counter only works for stills and wallpapers

And I tried login as user (not moder) and can not open Bambi II page also

MoviePics1001  at 28 Mar 2018, 23:01

Ok. Great! Now I know I'm not crazy. So is that something we might need Martin to take a look at, or are you able to correct the error on your end?
Moderator Yaut  at 29 Mar 2018, 08:24

No, only Martin
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