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at 2 Aug 2013, 19:56

Just received a PM that was sent weeks ago about color profiles. So here's a quick how-to on how to set up color profiles in Photoshop and manually install missing profiles.

How to manually install color profiles like ProPhoto for Photoshop or system-wide (refers to Windows XP, but 7 should be pretty much the same):

* download ProPhoto color profile file (*.icm or *.icc file), for instance from here:

* extract file from zip archive, copy to
c😛rogram FilesCommon FilesAdobeColorProfiles
(I use the latter location)

* restart Photoshop.

To check if an image tool supports the specific color profile, compare the image visually to the same image in a web browser (modern browsers can deal with color profiles, while image browsers, well...it depends).

Configure Photoshop so that it leaves embedded profiles intact:
* Color settings > "Color management policies" to "Preserve embedded profiles"
and displays a warning if the profile isn't available:
* Color settings > "Color management policies/missing profiles", check "Ask when opening"


at 2 Aug 2013, 19:59


* extract file from zip archive, copy to
c: (backslash) WINDOWS (backslash) system32 (backslash) spool (backslash) drivers (backslash) color
c: (backslash) Program Files (backslash) Common Files (backslash) Adobe (backslash) Color (backslash) Profiles


at 17 Aug 2013, 18:33

P.S. I just realized that your previews do not display accurate colors - see this screenshot.

So whatever script/app you use to generate previews, it doesn't properly handle color management. 😔 Too bad.


at 17 Aug 2013, 18:34

Here's that screenshot again...


at 17 Aug 2013, 18:35

... giving up. Your BB codes are killing me...

Admin Komond 

at 19 Aug 2013, 05:54

I can't see any picture, with or without the bb code issue, if I copy paste the url it doesn't show me anything in the big one, and the thumbnail is too small to notice anything. Does it correctly show the picture for you? In my case only these text appears:

screenshot 156
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