Suggestion: Changing the maximum resolution

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11 Sep 2013, 16:05
I know it's all a question of more data and bigger servers and more money to be spend, but I think the limit of 5000 pixels is, in my opinion, a little bit too low. It was a good limit a year or two ago, but newer movie stills are quite often in a resolution above 5000 pixels (5616x3744 for example is a resolution often used in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey but is also used in a little bit older and less revolutionary movies as Thor). So, I would suggest:
1. Set the resolution bar at 6000 pixels or so (not too perfect, because in a year or two, this will be too low again)
2. Let the maximum resolution be history and check only the megabytes required (I think this is the best solution, because it doesn't cause more cost for the server providers, but allows to upload stills in their full resolution).
I hope this is possible 😉

slidemen  Moderator

18 Sep 2013, 11:04
Sounds great! I am supporting this! There are quite a few great stills I have not uploaded because the resolution is too high and I don't have the time to size them down... Therefore this sound like a good idea.

Komond  Admin

18 Sep 2013, 20:10
I guess it could be considered specially because the standards have changed. There's also a thing I don't like a lot that is when the picture is only a bit bigger (5500 for example) and one has to compress it again just for a few pixels, and every jpg compression makes the quality worse.

There are several aspects but it will be discussed, thanks for the suggestion.

PS: Sorry for being late in answering Fingolfin, I haven't read this topic until slidemen post the message, the forum notify star doesn't work perfectly 😉


22 Sep 2013, 07:53
I hope it will be made reality, for the same suggestion was was made 6 years ago and nothing happened. There are also some other great suggestion that either weren't considered at all or (because of reasons I am not able to understand) were not accepted (possibility to report stills without writing into the forum etc.). I don't want to sound to critical, the site is great, but it is disturbing and a pity when you see an still of which you know it is e. g. 5616x3744 pixels large, but here you find it in 5000x3333 pixels.
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