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slidemen  Moderator

11 Nov 2013, 08:46

I finally have a bit time to upload stills... but I am waiting about 20 hours now for uploaded stills to "clear". Why does this take so long? When these are finally cleared I guess the time I have to upload more has passed. I planned of uploading 200+ stills, but only was able to upload 43... 😔

I really can't understand this restriction. Someone who uploaded content that shows good quality before should be able to upload more without these long waiting times! I loose interest in uploading great stuff because of this, so I think this hurts your otherwise great website.

Komond  Admin

12 Nov 2013, 23:53
Actually, 20 hours is not really a big amount of time to get pictures approved, specially when many were not fully tagged, even important talking supporting roles. All the pictures completetely tagged were approved quicker, the rest that took more time weren't, the better the tags the sooner the approval.

About the restrictions I'm not sure right now how they're set individually but I think it gets higher depending on the number of approved/refused pictures relation, but anyway there's a maximum to avoid one user fills the 250 for all users and avoid the rest to upload just because maybe they have closer schedule to the moderators.

Also, I think in your case, the approved/refused could have a higher number of refusals than you think. Though all your uploads have a great HQ and they all individually qualify to be approved, I remember you sometimes in the past uploaded many times the same 10 pictures repeated by mistake, so that probably give you a higher number of refusals. The system works automatically and doesn't recognized if the refusals are related to bad quality, pictures already uploaded by other user or twice the same time by the same user.

And don't worry we're not hurt by the comment. We understand some of the things we choose to do may always not be so pleasent for everyone as we would like, even when they're the best for the site. This is not a full-time thing for any in the team so we want to try anyone can participate and though not being able to upload 200 pictures in a row for one user can be unpleasent, having an user upload 200 pictures and making the approval section be full in 1 hour, not letting anyone upload a single picture for 20 hours would be worse. And of course, approving 1000 pictures or more in a day is hardly realistic at this time.


14 Nov 2013, 08:49
If you all need some help I'd be happy to help. 😊


19 Jul 2014, 01:45
I think I can beat the originator's comment I believe it's been over 24 hours I've waited for stills to be approved. It's a little bit ridiculous if you run a website which is obviously very popular, it's clearly time to devote more resources/time to it!


25 Jul 2014, 20:33
Now I believe the record has been well and truly broken 10 pictures uploaded on 22/07 and five still waiting to be approved even though they are of a singular person and of far higher quality than those already on this board, efficiency gone mad if you ask me!


14 Aug 2014, 02:22
Hire some more unpaid moderators - the answer is simple!
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