Upload warning a bug?

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30 Jul 2014, 21:14
I've been receiving the warning "The maximum number of unapproved (unmoderated) uploads has been reached. Therefore it's not possible to add new images right now..."

How long does it take until I can upload pics again? Also, I think I have read for newbies the warning pops up at 20 rejected uploads and I checked I have only 5 rejected uploads so far. So, I'm wondering if that's bug.

Would be nice if you could have a look at it.


Komond  Admin

31 Jul 2014, 22:55
It's not a bug. We have a limit of unapproved pictures for all users (250), so when we receive more than 250 no more pictures than those can be uploaded until some of them are approved. Sometimes, depending on moderators availability, the time that has to pass for that to be recovered is longer than others.

It's not related with the rejections (that's the individual one) and when it happens to one user it happens with everyone.

In the case of the individual limit, once a picture is approved another slot for a new one is made. I understand this is not the case because I don't think you had any pending picture when you wrote this, so it was definetly the global limit the one that didn't allow you to upload.

Hope the explanation helps and sorry for delay approving 😉
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