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slidemen  Moderator

22 Feb 2015, 19:02
Hello Komond or others!!!

I got great new stills which I would love to upload, but images I uploaded about 12 days ago are still blocking me from doing so. Why does it take so long to moderate these... They are from smaller european films and I couldn't add the actor's names... but this is really taking a long time... 😔 I want to do more on the site but I can't. This is really frustrating.

slidemen  Moderator

22 Feb 2015, 23:19
Just saw that it is taken care of! THANKS Komond, you're the best!!!

Komond  Admin

23 Feb 2015, 21:10
I haven't read the message the first time sorry. And also sorry for the delay approving, they were a bit hard to tag and it took me more time than expected (added to me having some exams in the master I'm doing).
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